1. Create a survey and share the link to respondents

Create a survey questionnaire using open-ended questions. These are the questions your community will see and answer in video format. Once you have completed your questionnaire design, you can share it with your respondents via a direct URL link.

2. Respondents answer directly in their web browser completely in video format

The respondent receives the link which directs them to the questions you have prepared. In this, he/she is prompted to answer the questions purely in video format. They can answer these questions directly within the internet browser of their phone, eliminating the hurdle of having to download an app.

3. View the videos to extract meaningful insights

Once respondents have video recorded their responses, the videos will be delivered into your admin portal ready to view. This entire process is extremely short when compared to traditional qualitative research methodologies and allows you to connect with your users without leaving the office.

Set up new research questions in an instant.

In only a matter of minutes you can have set up an entire qualitative research plan and distributed it to your community.

Question Bundle

Ask between 1-4 questions at any given time.

Private Distribution

Distribute through social channels or directly via email.

Set Rewards

Incentivise respondents to respond quickly by establishing a time-based reward structure.

Survey Distribution

Surveys can be answered directly in the native web browser.

No Download Necessary

Users can answer your questions directly from their web browser without having to download an App.

Sleek & Minimal

Sending pre-defined HTML emails makes the on boarding process for your users attractive, resulting in a higher response rate.

View the Responses

Once your respondents have answered your questions, in video format, you can view all their video answers in the client portal.

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