With Yelloh you can create a number of different types of surveys for different purposes. The results of the video survey will allow you to better drive your business decisions and have the comfort that you have actually understood what drives your customers behaviours.

Customer Feedback Surveys

Knowing what your customer wants and desires will set you apart from your competitors. Using video surveys you can understand them best, as you can see their real emotions and desires. You can do this post product purchase, service experience, or booking.

Marketing Surveys

Making better business decisions is critical for all your marketing plans. Collect feedback on your newest campaigns, videos, and strategies to understand how your customers perceive them.

Event Feedback Surveys

As an event organizer, your key goal is to make sure the attendees, vendors and sponsors receive as much value from the event as possible. For this to happen you need to understand what they want, how they want it, and most importantly why they want it, so that you can cater to them. You can do this pre-event, during or post-event with Yelloh Video Surveys.

Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Having a strong team is crucial to bringing any company forward. By giving your team the possibility to give their opinions and feedback you can adjust your strategy to result in higher productivity, retention and overall morale.

Design Research Surveys

Use Yelloh to conduct qualitative research to understand and gain feedback from your users from prototypes. Rather then having to spend outrageous amounts of time to meet with users and understand their motives, you can use Yelloh to conduct quick and affordable qualitative research.

Non-Profit Surveys

As a Non-Profit you work for hospitals, foundations, charities and more, meaning your two biggest constraints are budget and time. With video surveys you can understand all the donors, recipients, volunteers, communities, and employees opinions quickly, easily, and within budget.

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