Dear users, fans, investors, mentors, coaches, family, friends and anyone else that has helped us,

Over a year ago, we set out to build the easiest and quickest way to help companies collect qualitative feedback from their customers through video. We observed that there was a fundamental change in the way people were communicating with each other due to this new medium and we wanted to enable companies to leverage all the benefits that video brings when communicating with their customers.


Recently, however, we have come to the decision of discontinuing the development of our platform. The reason being that since the beginning, we at Yelloh had clear global ambitions, but despite the many positive signs, we concluded that Yelloh would have to become an agency-style business in order to be sustainable, and that is not what we set out to be.


Over the last year, we had the privilege to be surrounded by a passionate community which helped us achieve so much. We started off at Swiss Startup Factory where we brought our idea to life and later we continued to develop our business and ourselves as part of the 2017 Fall batch of the renowned Finish accelerator Startup Sauna, where were learned invaluable lessons.


We would like to thank every single person who has helped us in any way throughout this journey and we are looking forward to hopefully seeing you all again in the near future.


We will be suspending the Yelloh services by the end of this month, and for this reason would kindly ask you to download any relevant data onto a local storage.


If you have any questions, please feel free to message any of the Yelloh team directly.


Thank you again,

Filipe, Roman & Fabian.