This is the second series of understanding how Yelloh can be used for specific use cases. Here we are going to explore how Yelloh can be used to help restaurants collect feedback of it’s customers.


Restaurant owners, hoteliers and other service industry related professionals understand the importance of having a holistic understanding of what their customers desire, feel and think to make sure they remain happy and keep returning. Currently the best way to do this is to make sure there is someone present at almost every touchpoint a customer has with the brand, however this can be expensive, impossible and even annoying for the customer.


So, how can Yelloh be helpful? Well, first off here are the basics of Yelloh:

A video online survey platform to help companies collect qualitative customer feedback in the easiest, most natural and engaging way. This means the process is similar to an online survey today, but rather then the respondent having to fill out 100 pages of check marks and text boxes, they can simply speak their mind in the most natural way, without having to translate thoughts into a text box.

The result? One centralised location where all your customers feedback are with their story, and contact details. It looks like this:



Now that you know a bit about why it’s important and how the results look, now let’s look at the process of implementation. It’s very simple, so it wont take long (I estimate another 2 min read, keep it up).

So, you have a restaurant, hotel or food delievery company? You need to collect customer feedback so you know what you’re doing well, what you need to improve and what’s horrible. The reason? So you can constantly improve your offerings and make sure you constantly have happy customers. Is this more helpful then sending a traditional survey? Comepletly, because you not only get more information the “30% of your customers think there isnt enough shrimp in your meal” you actually get open ended concerns from your customers, PLUS you give them a channel directly to you aka. top customer service.


Now, there are different ways to implement the touch point, but thanks to apple adopting a QR reader directly in their native camera, we now recommend QR codes as a point of access. Here is an example of what we mean:




These physical touchpoints can be on every table or can be handed to every customer directly when receiving their food delivery. What’s important is to remind the respondents why it’s important that they give you feedback, and give them incentives such as free food in the future.

Do you want to start collecting the most insightful and actionable customer feedback for your restaurant, hotel or food delivery company? Contact me now and we’ll have a call.

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