We’ve had an incredible week at the Web Summit 2017 in Lisbon this past week. We were there with the entire team straight from Helsinki and enjoyed every minute of the incredible event and the incredible city of Lisbon.


Our main aim whilst at Web Summit was so collect as many free trial users as possible. We did this with three main methods, including:

  1. Our growth hack of collecting feedback for Web Summit
  2. Our pitch battle
  3. Our stand


The growth hack: 

We set out to create a growth hack that would both help generate as many leads for free trial users as well as help us prove our product’s value to the organizers of Web Summit. So what we decided to do was to create 2,000 stickers with QR codes which linked users to a feedback page of the Web Summit for other Alpha startup’ers (special package at the Web Summit). The great thing about the Web Summit app was that it had a QR reader integrated into it, meaning the QR wasn’t a hurdle as it might seem to be.


So we went around to every Alpha startup up and asked them to give Web Summit feedback on how their day was whilst having the booth. From this we got over 200 startups that gave their feedback to Web Summit and we have now sent this information to the Web Summit organizers.


Our pitch battle: 

We took part in the Mercedes pitch challenge which went through 4 main stages. The first step was to apply to the pitching competition where only the top 200 startups got in (applications were close to +1,200). We got through the acceptance and were in the quarter finals which we pitched and got through to the semi finals. The semi finals consisted of 3 groups of 11 startups, and were segregated by vertical. This means we were competing against 10 other ICT related startups. Unfortunately our journey in the pitching battle ended here, however we were top choices from the judges and it was a tight call on getting through.

Here is a quick snippet of the pitch:


Our booth:

On the last day of Web Summit we had a booth for the entire day. This helped us get a lot of traffic and spark a lot of interest in Yelloh and to help show people our actual product. Here we were giving people the possibility to sign up for a free 1 month trial and to use the product.

A few shots of our booth:



So as a grand total, here are the numbers of the Web Summit:

  • 100 new trial customers contacts
  • A total of 13 minutes on the stage pitching
  • An entire day of our own booth


Now we will be in Switzerland for one more week before heading back to Helsinki to complete our time at the Startup Sauna and to attend the Slush conference. We are looking forward to everything that will come in the near future.


Thank you all.