These are two great questions and I’m going to be very Finnish about the answers, aka. blunt and direct.

Why should you be using video online surveys? 

Two main reasons to this question. On one side, it’s much easier for respondents to give their data rich insights into your questions through the video format as there is no necessity to convert thoughts from their head to written text boxes. Respondents can freely express their thoughts, stories and emotions through videos.

Second reason video online surveys are the way you should be collecting customer feedback, is because it bring you as a company much richer data as to WHY people are doing what they are doing. Traditional online surveys will help you validate ideas and discover problems, however they will not help you solve them as you still do not know WHY the things that are happening are happening. With video online surveys you receive data rich knowledge where people can explain and show you things.

Why is now the right time? 

Very simply put, now is the right time because people are ready for it. There are always three main questions to answer when discovering if it is the right time for a certain ideas; business, human and technological. Right now these three things match together perfectly. This means we have the technology available for everyone to answer questions in video, aka. everyone has a smart phone with more then one camera and very cheap data bills to be able to send content like videos. Secondly people feel comfortable with recording videos thanks to social media. Social medias such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat are moving to a video story based platform, making users comfortable filming themselves and their surroundings. Lastly, business, thanks to a SAAS model, we are able to provide you the service for an extremely affordable price, aka making it possible for you to use the service.


Not only is it extremely affordable, but it’s also available for a free 1 month trial. Are you interested in collecting rich customer feedback in the easiest way possible? Contact me and get a demo walk through, or directly sign up for a free month trial.