Essentially Yelloh is a video online survey tool, however there are so many use cases imaginable – and for this reason we are breaking it down. So in this series we are going to explore how Yelloh (and has been) used as a tool to collect feedback for event hosts from their attendees.

Before moving on, let’s quickly guide you through how Yelloh works in general. It’s pretty simple so it will not take long.

You sign up.

You log in.

You set up a question.

You share your question.

Your respondents answer directly in their mobile web browser purely in video (just like social media).

You watch the answers.

Ok, now that we’ve got the basics covered let’s move on to how it can be used for events and most importantly why it should be.


Events are a moment in time where a group of likeminded people group together and attend different presentations, workshops or networking events. The ultimate aim of an event is to have a successful event, so, what defines a successful event?

A successful event is one where people want to come back because they were able to extract the most amount of benefit from it, aka. they had a large ROI (Return on investment) on it. So as an event organizer, your goal is to ensure that particpants have the feeling at the end that their ROI has been maxed out. The only way to do this, is to know what your attendees value, is it networking? Is it the most amazing talks? Is it the craziest acts on stage?

No one knows, but you can find out – through feedback.

Collecting feedback after an event can result in understanding what worked at the event, what people appreciated, what they hated and what they would like to see more.

So the best way to understand all these things would be to talk with all of your participants, have a 10minute conversation with them and really understand why the hell they are there, what they’ve thought of the event and what they want. But of course, we know this is impossible as organizing an event is already hard enough. As an event organizer you are running around 24/7 before, during and after your event.


So the next best option would be to send a online survey to your participants after the event. What happens here? You might get some results (depending on how good you are at motivating your respondents) but the results will not help you make your event better (guaranteed). It will validate different thought you might have had as to why the event was not successful or what can improve. Let me give you an example.

20% of people thought that the location was not good.

70% of people thought the catering options were fairly priced.

30% of people wanted to see more speeches.


Based on these statistics, are you able to make your event better next time? Not really, you now know what the problem is but you still have no idea how to improve it now, as you never discovered WHY people thought it was a bad location, WHY people thought the catering options were fairly priced and WHY people want more speeches.


This means you wont have the knowledge you need to develop your event into a successful event.


SO! Here it is. Using online video surveys you CAN understand WHY people say specific things because they tell you. They tell you during and after the event what can be improved and why. They tell you what was wrong with the location, was it the lighting? was it the distance? Was it a scary clown that was sitting in the corner?


How can you use Yelloh to collect respondent feedback? Simple.


1.You create an account on Yelloh – Here

2. You create a question.

3. Transfer the link into a QR code and display it on different physical touch points

4.Send the link to respondents

5. View results.


Now, let me show you in more detail what the physical touch points can look like.



Attendees Badges:

You can place these cards into the attendees pouches so that at any time during the event they have access to your event feedback portal.

Table Flyers: 

You can set up table flyers all around your event so people are constantly reminded that you are a ‘feedback friendly’ event and want to learn from them. Of course these are also great touchpoints for information regarding the event, for example the agenda.

All the physical touch points are directed to a digital touch point for respondents to give you their feedback. These digital touch points can be custom designed for your event as well so that

Custom Web Answers:

We have all of these designs ready for you to use and of course can constantly create more.



Are you ready to start collecting feedback from your event attendees? Let’s talk, connect and mingle. We can help you stay focused during your event whilst still getting the feedback you need to make your event even better.