E-commerce. Everyone knows it by know, everyone uses it and everyone is trying to make one. Basically there is a high amount of competition in this realm. The biggest reason for this high intensity in competition is because of the nature of the business, its E, aka. online. aka you have competition worldwide. This competition forces companies to become different, unique and special.

A Swiss large e-commerce company understands how important this is and is therefore looking for every way to remain competitive. In this, they also understand how important the people are in the company, the culture.

This e-commerce site implemented Shout to develop a better cross channel communication between the HR department and the employees. The HR department is essential in bringing the vision, values and people into the company – for a software company essentially the most important aspect.  With Shout they were able to connect to all their different employees who are spread out across Switzerland. So not only the people in the office building can be activated, but also the ones who work on the packaging floor, or in the logistics office.


Companies understand their employees. They understand what they like, what they dont like, and most importantly why. By understanding this the HR department can work on the things they need to fix to ensure the overall company happiness is high enough so that all their employees are happy.

Everyone knows, happy employees = productive working = happy customers = more money.